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The State Of Public Wi-Fi In India: 40 Million New Users By 2019 [REPORT]

public wifi in india
Here’s a good news for all the Indian citizens! All of us know that India is paving its way towards becoming a digitalized country and is leaving no stones unturned in achieving its goal. It covered one more milestone on July 4, 2018, when a joint report was published by Google and global research firm Analysis Mason stated that...

Did Commuters in Patna Really Use The Free Wi-Fi to Mostly Watch Porn?

porn in India
Free Wi-Fi is a boon for internet users. India, a home for 1.3 billion people, got free Wi-Fi services by Google and Railtel across 23 railway stations. According to reports citing IANS, Patna is the top user of this free Wi-Fi service, and mostly for watching porn. YouTube and Wikipedia are the other most used sites through the service....

Facebook To Offer Free WiFi At Indian Railway Stations, Not Ready to Give Up On India

facebook free wifi in India
The social media behemoth Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) is not ready to relax its focused approach to India – the world’s second largest country by population, mobile subscriptions and Internet users. Facebook is reportedly all set to make a comeback, but taking all precautionary measures. This time, the company is following the footmarks of Google.Earlier this month, when Facebook...

Google’s Free Wifi Initiative In India: The Commendable Marketing Strategy

Google offering free Wifi in India
India has emerged as the second largest internet user base after China accounting 413 million internet users and a considerable amount of new internet users turning up every month. With such mammoth opportunities, the technological honchos like Facebook, Google and Microsoft are striving in every possible way to get maximum profit and at the same time aiding Indians with better services, products and connectivity. Lack of public...

Apple iPad And iPhone Rule Skies Too: Work Email And Reports Most Preferred In-Air Activities [STUDY]

Give your unconscious mind some food; what do you do most of the time when you are virtually paralyzed at 35,000 high sitting inside an aircraft? You literally have not much of options to choose and, therefore, most of the air travelers find a companion in a form of gadget. A new study reveals Web Surfing is the most preferred...

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