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The Love of Mark Zuckerberg For WeChat To Transform Facebook Into A Super Platform

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg looks back over the business formula and influence of China-based Tencent Holdings triumphant app Wechat. Amidst of repercussions on privacy crisis, with the priority of privacy for its users, Facebook plans to launch end to end encryption of its messenger services and all its associated private messaging services like Whatsapp and Instagram.In his lengthy privacy...

Internet Users In Malaysia Are More Active On WhatsApp And Facebook Than Those In US, UK And China [REPORT]

top instant messaging platforms
It is difficult to recall a day without using Instant Messaging App service on your Smartphone. In fact, the usage of these apps is on the rise and spreading its reach manifold. The claim is supported by the latest findings from the global study “Connected Life” conducted by TNS Global, a leading research agency. The study highlights more than...

The Growth Of WhatsApp To 900 Million Active Users And Effect On Mobile Messaging Industry !

growth of whatsapp users
Smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and Messaging Apps are arguably the most commercially successful among the millions of apps available across various App Stores. The options are as plentiful as they are diverse with new apps flooding in every day aiming to take "your messaging experience to the next level". Standing tall among thousands of...

Nimbuzz, WhatsApp And WeChat Together Serve 750 Million Users: Can BBM Earn Back Users?

When BlackBerry Ltd. (NASDAQ:BBRY) announced that it is going to launch BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for both iOS and Android platforms, questions flooded our minds about whether it was the right move for the company and whether it’ll be able to regain its former glory in a market which is now brimming with several cross-platform messaging apps.As BBM will be...

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