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83% Smartphone Users in India Delete Apps To Free Up Storage: WD [REPORT]

free up storage
With the growing consumption of content in the form of images and videos, insufficient memory is one of the key concerns of smartphone users. According to the latest survey by Western Digital conducted for SanDisk, 60% of smartphone users run out of memory every week. Due to this problem, users have to constantly delete apps and other contents like...

Western Digital’s Acquisition of SanDisk To Stir Up Enterprise Storage Industry

Western Digital acquires SanDisk
It's raining money and mergers as the end of the year is approaching! The latest news coming in the highly volatile tech space indicate that Sandisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK), one of the major players in the non-volatile memory space; is being acquired by Western Digital Corp (NASDAQ:WDC). The deal evaluated at nearly $14 billion is to be carried out through an exchange...

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