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Is Paytm Unethically Charging Customers In The Guise Of Reducing/Identifying Frauds? [UPDATE]

Paytm charges on Credit cards
So, you would have read the Paytm news update by now. If you have not read it till now and you are a Paytm wallet user who tops up the wallet using credit cards, enlighten yourself first by following the link that describes the subject matter in detail... or continues reading for the summary. Announcing Few Changes in Paytm Wallet Paytm claim:...

Paytm to Charge 2% on Loading Wallet Via Credit Card: Seals the Loophole in its System

The Indian mobile wallet major Paytm will now levy a 2% fee for adding money to its wallet using credit cards, only to transfer to bank accounts.In a swift move, Paytm announced on Wednesday that it would no longer be allowing the zero percent transfer to bank fee facility to its customers. The company was forced to make this...

Will Xiaomi’s Mobile Wallet Mi Pay Be A Potential Threat to Apple Pay, Android Pay And Samsung Pay?

Xiaomi Mi Pay
Lei Jun, Founder and CEO of Xiaomi, has officially announced the launch of mobile payment service based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology called Mi Pay. Currently, the service is available only in China in the beta mode. The next country to get this service is expected to be India and then in the other countries with branches of...

Xiaomi Partners With MobiKwik To Grab a Lion’s Share of $1.2 Bn Mobile Wallet Industry in India

xiaomi partners with mobikwik
Partnerships are the way to expand your market in wallet industry in India. As tech companies are actively pursuing the industry, device manufacturers have also set their eye on a pie of this industry. Recently, in a partnership with MobiKwik Wallet, Xiaomi announced ‘one-touch-recharge’ facility to its users. The feature will be available on the Xiaomi devices running on...

Mobile Payments And Fraud Trends 2016: Are Merchants Well Equipped ?

Smartphones have been around for a fair while and in the decade that they've been here, they've managed to slip into every aspect of our lives, from shopping to bank accounts. From a consumers point of view, online shopping and payments are both there to save us some precious time in a hectic lifestyle; and most merchants and organizations...

Why Is Apple Pay Struggling Despite Recording $10.9 Bln Worth of Transactions In 2015 ?

apple pay transaction
Apple Pay recorded $10.9 billion worth of transactions in 2015 according to a report from Reuters. The adoption and usage rate of Apple Pay is enthralling in the US alone but unfortunately, outside homegrown market, it has failed to impress smartphone users.A majority of Apple Pay users are ‘core Apple followers’. The prime reason for the low adoption rate...

Only 17% Internet Users Prefer To Pay Using Mobile Wallet: The Today and Tomorrow of Mobile Payments [REPORT]

Smartphone have changed many aspects of our lives, from the way we communicate to the way we shop. However, one thing has till now eluded their powers of evolution, the adoption of mobile wallet. As a recent report by Blackhawk Network reveals, users in the US may be shopping a whole lot via their smartphones, but they prefer the...

Reliance JioMoney Wallet: The Silent Assassin In The Digital Wallet Market in India?

Reliance JioMoney
After setting its dominance over multiple industries, India's largest business house has ventured into the mobile payment business with the launch of Jio Money wallet. A part of Reliance Jio Infocomm, Jio Money wallet will pose a fierce competition for the other established players in Indian online wallet market, such as Paytm and FreeCharge. The JioMoney wallet will service mobile recharges,...

Google Plaso, New Mobile Payment Service Is Ready To Take On Apple Pay

Google Plaso mobile payment service
As we move into the age of wearables, voice guidance and anything related to real-time interactive technologies help enhance engagement through user experience. With iOS 8 came Apple Pay, from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), and it was called revolutionary, as usual. However, when NFC first came into picture and with the promises it offered to users, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) was the first to bank on this...

Mobile Wallets Can Increase Security Risks: 71 Million Possible Users By 2017!

Smartphones are slowly killing the need for multiple devices and Apps are equally captivating people to ditch other offline necessities. Mobile payment apps are yet to become the norm at retailers, although they are gaining in popularity. In 2013, around 20 percent of Smartphone owners in the U.S. used a mobile wallet at least once — many at businesses...

The First Digital Wallet Manager: What Consumers Need To Know

Once digital wallets finally claim the hearts and pockets of shoppers, consumers will never again have to shuffle through an overloaded wallet only to find a bunch of maxed out or expired credit cards. They will never again have to worry about forgetting their bankcard at the bar or losing a paper buy-one-get-one-free coupon. Using a digital wallet, consumers...

Visa’s Digital Wallet Is Here To Change The Whole Paradigm Of EShopping – V.me ![video]

Visa's vision of V.me can now allow them to compete with PayPal, Google Wallet  and expand its radiant future all over the world.The online service of V.me by Visa will now allow customers to store cards from different agencies like American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa card for online payment via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It's a similar service...

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