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Dell Is Considering A New Deal That Could Result In One Of The Largest IPOs Of All Time

Dell IPO deal
In an interesting new turn of events, Dell Technologies may be considering a massive IPO to become a publicly traded company once again according to some reports. If this were to happen, Dell IPO may very well be one of the biggest IPOs in history.To understand Dell's current situation and plans, it is important to be well versed in...

The Impact of Smartphone Growth On Internet and eCommerce Industry in India

Imagining a day without smartphones may choke our routines. Indeed, it is true. One hardly can be a part of tech-dominated society without connectivity. In India, the smartphone users soon cross the 200 million user base predicts a report. Therefore, it is imperative for the enterprises to reach the smart devices. Owing to the development of smartphone market enterprises...

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YouTube Should Have Bid Adieu To Dislike Button Much Earlier?

Online video sharing platform YouTube can be a ruthless place for content creators targeted by 'dislike mobs'. And the site owners totally understand that...