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Samsung Joins the Hole-Punch Bandwagon With Galaxy A8s

Samsung Galaxy A8s
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX:005930) has just unveiled its new Galaxy A8s. And after months of speculation, we can finally witness the debut of the Infinity-O design with Samsung. Let us look into Samsung's announcement with a little more detail.The Infinity-O is just the name decided for the in-display camera technology. Another name for it can be the Hole-in-Active-Area or Hole-Punch...

Smartphone Shipments In India Q3 2018: 40.4 Million Units Translate Into 1% YoY Decline [REPORT]

Smartphone Shipments In India Q3 2018
This year, about 337 million people in India will own a smartphone, witnessing a 15.6% growth. This is the highest estimated growth rate in the smartphone industry by any country in the world. Despite the promising market scenario, India is struggling to grow in term of quarterly smartphone shipments. Overall, the smartphone shipments in India decreased by 1% YoY, to...

India Smartphone Shipments In Q3 2018: Xiaomi And Samsung, Together Accounted For 50% Of The Market

India smartphone shipments in Q3 2018
It is the first time in India smartphone market when all top brands strengthen its quarterly performance. The India smartphone shipments in Q3 2018 grew 24% Q-o-Q and 5% Y-o-Y, indicating a sizeable number of mobile phone users in India are upgrading to smartphones.According to the latest report by Counterpoint Research, the growth of the India smartphone market in Q3...

Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi Smartphone Users Are More Satisfied Than Samsung In India

customer satisfaction in india
There was a time when the Chinese products were considered cheap and not durable in India. Those times are long gone now, especially in the smartphone market. Chinese smartphone companies are now finding their feet in the Indian market. More so, they have started to firmly root themselves and push away the competition around them. Winning consumer confidence was...

Global Handset Profit Q2 2018: Chinese OEMs Are Fast Catching Up Samsung

global handset profit q2 2018
After years of relative stability, the global mobile handset industry continues to undergo a massive transformation as a recent report from Counterpoint Research shows that the combined handset profit of Chinese brands has shattered the $2 billion barrier in Q2 2018. This marks the highest ever combined net profit achieved by Chinese OEMs in a single quarter. Global Handset Profit Q2...

Global Mobile Handset Profit Q2 2017: Apple Has The Last Laugh

Apple mobile handset profit q2 2017
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has, once again, proved that Smartphone industry is not about selling more number of devices. The latest Counterpoint report depicts that despite accounting for just 9% of total Smartphone shipments in Q2 2017, Apple dominates the industry with a 65% share of global mobile handset profit in Q2 2017.The overall global mobile handset profit pool has...

Vivo V7+ Camera: Is Vivo Faking About 24MP Camera Capability? [UPDATED]

Vivo V7+
Nearly a decade ago, almost every Chinese product was considered as shabby, substandard and the most unreliable piece - until the arrival of the smartphone revolution. Chinese Smartphone vendors started to invest in QC (Quality Control) to live up to the expectations of price sensitive Asian customers. Despite, they continued to surprise customers by providing powerful smartphones at a jaw-dropping price.However,...

Samsung, Apple Facing Heat As Emerging Markets And Chinese OEMs Driving Global Smartphone Sales Growth

worldwide smartphone sales q2 2017
As one of the world's largest industries, and one that is fundamental to the economic well - being of so many companies, it is vitally important that we stay up to date on the latest developments and trends in the smartphone industry. 2016 was a poor year for the industry in general. Industry giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) had a...

Apple, Samsung Lose Their Mojo As Chinese Trio Gains Smartphone Market Share [REPORT]

Worldwide smartphone shipments Q1 2017
The past decade has been the era of the smartphone. From novelty luxuries to ubiquitous necessity, smartphones have become an essential feature of the modern lifestyle. However, after years of explosive growth, the worldwide smartphone shipments have been steadily slowing down for some time now. Saturation of key markets such as the United States has played a key role in...

Smartphone Shipments India Q3 2016: Chinese OEMs Are Nightmare for Samsung and Other Players

The first half of 2016 turned out quite average for the Indian smartphone market. However, the smartphone shipments in India Q3 2016 is expected to clock a record figure of 35 million units, registering a 21% QoQ growth and 25% YoY growth, according to the research firm Counterpoint. This growth apparently has its roots in the ongoing festival season,...

Global Smartphone Shipments Q1 2016 Flatten Out: China Stumbles But Their OEMs Shine [REPORT]

worldwide smartphone shipments Q1 2016
In the last decade, the global shipment of smartphones have shown incessant growth and while that has been good while it lasted, the smartphone bubble has been finally burst. In a recent report by IDC, smartphone shipment numbers have flattened out in Q1 2016, with shipments rising by a measly 0.6 million units on a YoY basis, from 334.3...

vivo Xshot: A Feature Packed, Camera Centric, Overpriced, Smartphone Indulgence You Would Want To Try [User Experience]

vivo Mobile India Pvt Ltd is a new entrant in the Indian smartphone market. In a market flooded with budget smartphones, packed to the gills with features and the latest technology, it remains to be seen how vivo's approach is rewarded; in the long run.The company launched the vivo Xshot in 2014. I have never used a vivo smartphone before...

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