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Uber Times Internet Tie Up Comes As A Second Jolt To OlaCabs

Uber india ban
US-based Uber will sign its first investment tie-up in India with Times Internet, the digital arm of Times Of India (TOI), to capture the Indian taxi market more aggressively, as reported by FT.  This will be a strategic investment by Times Internet to support Uber's expansion plans in India.  The deal is, reportedly, of a small amount though, rumours have it that...

Can Ola Cabs Win The Price War With Fresh Funding Of $500 Million ?

Indian taxi aggregator, Ola Cabs, who is backed by SoftBank among others, is in talks with Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner’s investment firm DST Global to rope in an investment of $400-$500 million at a valuation of $2.5 billion, according to The Times Of India (TOI). Milner already has a personal investment in Ola Cabs, as reported by TOI a year back. The terms...

After Failed Bid On TaxiforSure, Uber Eyeing Meru At $350 Million Valuation

After eCommerce and mobile industry, it’s time for taxi industry in India to go gaga as the investors backed mobile taxi app startups are on the hiring spree in a bid to capture the lead position in the market. Uber, an app-based transportation network and taxi company headquartered in California, US, has set an eye on Indian radio taxi...

Banning of Uber in Delhi: Source Of Discouragement For Startups ?

Uber india ban
Update: Uber is acting as the victim and holding the government of India responsible for the Friday night incident. As Home Minister Rajnath Singh informs the Rajya Sabha, the government has banned all the app-based cab services along with Uber, not only within the boundaries of Delhi but this should also be followed across the country.The Uber cab service, also...

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