Six Inexpensive Trend Trading EAs to use in 2021

Trend trading is one of the most commonly followed forex strategies used in the market. A trend is a tendency for prices to move in a particular direction and can be long-term, short-term,  upward, downward, and sideways. It is...

What is Holding You Back From Becoming a Successful FX Trader?

Being the most dynamic market in the 21st century, to be successful in forex trading requires certain skills apart from acquiring advanced tools or opting for the Best FX Brokers. The FX market is a constantly evolving entity that provides traders...

Algorithmic Trading – Taking the Human out of the Equation

Computers have taken over many facets of our lives which includes activities, which we wouldn’t have let them down a few decades back. One of those activities is letting them trade stocks, bonds and other financial instruments on our behalf. Now when I speak on computer-trading or more accurately algorithmic or automated trading, I am not referring to online trading, which I’m sure quite a few readers of this site is familiar with.

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Competitive Pricing Strategies: No Secret But Execution Is An Art!

Pricing strategies are a reasonable choice of several price options (or a list of prices), aimed at achieving the...