Global EV Sales 2022: Tesla’s Model Y remained the best-selling model

The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has been increasing at a rapid pace worldwide. Companies are leaving no stone unturned to gain a sizable share of the EV market. Interestingly, global EV sales hit an all-time high of 10.2...

Happy B’Day Martin Eberhard – Battery Guru Who Reinvented High Speed Electric Car Industry !

Happy Birthday Martin Eberhard! You are the true inspiration for those who appraise innovation than investment and leadership. Being the creator of the first highway-capable all-electric sports car, in production, with a range greater than 200 miles (320 km) per...
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Apple Outshines Samsung in Smartphone Exports from India with Record Shipments

An increasing number of Made-in-India smartphones are finding their way to international markets, marking a significant shift in the...
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