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Google Employees’ Morale Under Pichai’s Leadership Hitting a Six-Year Low

google employees satisfaction morale study
When 78% of your workforce reaffirms its faith in your policies and endorses your viewpoint, it should be seen as a pat on the back. But, the case with world's one of the largest internet companies is different. Google Employees' satisfaction and morale are on a constant decline.  Statistics and numbers, however, have often been accused of being instrumental in...

Google’s $199 Mn Gift to Sundar Pichai: The Highest Paid CEO

From a garage baby to a dominating incorporation on the Internet, Google has come a long way. But, who played a key role in Google's immense success recently? The answer is Sundar Pichai. And today, we will reveal Google's surprise gift to this golden boy.A product of research project of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google was incorporated in...

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