Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Why Social Media Marketing Is Money-Spinning Investment For Brands ?

A big question which most of the brands ask (still): Why Social Media Marketing should be considered as a serious marketing channel? OR should we really invest in Social Media Marketing? And, very traditional answers of the same by marketers kill majority of the opportunities instantly. Social media has changed the way we experience news, education, relationships, purchasing products, get aware of...

StumbleUpon Appears Unstable: Cuts Off 30% Of Its Staff !

StumbleUpon yesterday laid off 35 employees from its staff list, that is equivalent to reducing more than 30% of its total staff headcount. The move came as part of a larger effort to “become more streamlined focused,” according to spokesman Mike Mayzel. He also expects from the result of this scenario that, company will be more profited and looks forward...

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