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Uncertainty In Apple’s Stock Price: Will The Company Blow Off The Barn Doors By iPad Mini ?

Although it has been a trend that Apple's every new products boost its stock price, but this time, the launch of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini have seen a lackluster response on its stock market. The company's shareholders are still in dilemma with recent products. However, they were initially little apprehended with iPhone 5 due to number of blames...

Would Apple Succeed To Generate Its Biggest Revenue In Company History In Q1 2013: Microsoft And Samsung Could Be Cobblestones

Are Apple's Products really losing their charm? Indeed, you will not believe and it's not true as well. Apple stock price has steadily been declining since two days before the launch of iPhone 5 . The company's shares have down 25% since September 19 this year, and the stock price of the company reached to six month low on...

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