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Social Messaging: Catalysing The Next Wave of Digital Revolution In Communication

growth of social messaging
Social messaging is fast coming to the fore today. According to the Harvard Business Review, of the top ten global applications, six are social messaging-centric ones, used by 1.4 billion people worldwide. As per industry experts, the revenue generated by these applications will exceed that of regular messaging applications by $15 per user by 2020.In fact, social messaging is...

By Adding 2 People Every Second, LinkedIn Chases 200 Million Members [Infographic]

LinkedIn is a professional social network in the world which contributes on helping business professionals network, develop their skills and grow their business. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn passed 100 million members in 2011 and now it has announced it had passed an important milestone of 200 million members. Though it is comparatively smaller in the business point of view, the matter is worth...

Google+ Added Sixteen New Games In Their Vault, Angry Birds On The Top.

Google recently added sixteen new game titles into their Gaming section on the account of giving some tough competition to their top rival and everyone knows that top rival is Facebook. Learing from the sudden failure of their social networking site 'Orkut', Google is trying to provide Google+ a better addiction and there is nothing better than Games to...

Facebook finally initiates hiring process in India

Social media site, Facebook.com, which has set up its first base in Asia at Hyderabad (India), has initiated its hiring process. To begin with, the social media giant has roped in Kirthiga Reddy as director of online operations and Manoj Varghese as director of user operations. Both will be based in Hyderabad.The site has more than 8 million active...

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