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Twitter Inc. (TWTR) Is Teen’s Favorite With 32.3% Actively Using The Platform, Followed By Facebook (28.9%) And LinkedIn (21.4%). [REPORT]

Social media networks are drastically evolving themselves to battle the fierce competition with top players and emerge as the user's favorite. Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) which has over 1.189 billion monthly active users is struggling to keep the users engaged especially in developed states, it is seen as a utility and an obligation (as most of the user's close peers...

Social Media Usage In Australia: 50% Of Total Population On Facebook

Australians enjoy being active on Social Media this was revealed by comparing Australia's population and Australians on social media. The Australian Bureau Of Statistics Population Clock- total Australian population on 30th April, 2013 was approximately 23,007,086 and Facebook has 11,489,380 users out of total country population which means 50% of Australians are Facebook users considering that 13 years below...

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