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Only 1 In 4 Internet Users Follow Brands They Wish To Buy A Product From [STUDY]

social media marketing effectiveness
The exploded adoption of mobile internet has helped the social media platforms to evolve to a whole new level. As internet users are fascinated with their online social media presence, brands are leaving no stone unturned to make the most of such obsession. Every year, brands are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to rope in prospective customers and...

The Invaluable Role of Automation in Digital Marketing That Guarantees Success

Just how digital marketing is going to change over the next ten years is anyone’s guess. Even high-ranking executives at Google probably don’t have a solid grasp of how businesses and consumers will interact with each other in 2030. However, one thing most professionals can agree on is that automation is going to play a significant role in the...

Decoding Content Virality On Social Media That Generates Traffic to Your Website

social media drive traffic to your website
Blogs on your business website play a key role in attracting traffic. If you want to harness the complete potential of your website content, you should promote your post on social media. Every successful business knows how to pay the due importance to their content. Very interestingly, blog traffic doesn’t fizz out after the first share. You can share...

Lengthy Facebook Posts Is The New Trend For Better Outreach [REPORT]

increase reach of facebook posts
Once upon a time one-line statuses on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) did turn heads, but times are changing fast! A new report on Adweek says that the length of a post on Facebook makes a lot of difference to its outreach. The lengthier the post, preferably more than 20 words, the more its priority and outreach.Yaniv Makeover, CEO of Keywee,...

Facebook CPM and CPI On The Rise: What Advertisers Must Know [REPORT]

facebook cpm
Before you start searching for the secret sauce which is important achieve optimised Facebook CPM and CPI, let's first have a look at why these metrics exist today; In just 4 months from the launch of Thefacebook (Facebook's original nomenclature) on February 4, 2004, their first advertising contract, brokered by Mr Youth, was signed with Dunkin' Donuts and Victoria's...

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