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Number of Tech Mahindra Sales and Support Employees by Quarter

The above graph represents the number of Tech Mahindra sales and support employees by quarter, starting from fiscal Q1 2005 to he recently completed quarter. Tech Mahindra's total headcount increased to 130,839 people in December 2019. Approximately 5.09% of...

Number of Infosys Employees by Quarter

The above graph represents the total number of Infosys employees by quarter, worldwide. As of December 2019, Infosys has 243,454 employees around the world. The company employed 6,968 new people in the last three months and 17,953 new people...
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Global premium smartphone segment 2022: Accounted for 55% of the overall market revenue for the first time

Gone are the days when very few percentages of people could afford premium smartphones due to their high price...
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