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Russia To Disconnect Itself From the Internet: A Step Towards Complete Censorship?

No internet in Russia!Together with the main internet suppliers of the country, the Russian authorities will soon be seen carrying out a planned experiment to disconnect the country from the internet.The proposed experiment is a part of the government’s efforts to collect information and provide feedback and suggestions to legislation proposed by the Russian lawmakers in December 2018.A law...

Sued For $1.6 Million For Using iPhone In An Event!

Samsung sued for using iPhone
It's true, with great position comes great responsibility. And it becomes even more crucial when the responsibility is given by one of the world's most valuable brand - Samsung. Unfortunately, people tend to forget that, which cost them fortune many times. Something similar happened with Xenia Sobchak, the brand ambassador of Samsung in Russia.The Korean smartphone giant has sued Xenia, a...

Facebook Takes Down Hundreds of Fake Accounts, Pages And Groups

facebook fake accounts
Trolls on social media keep lurking around, putting up sour notes on belligerent issues every now and then. Deftly, and purposefully they sow in polarizing political content to bolster up disharmony. But how has Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) dealt with it?Facebook announced earlier that it had identified a coordinated mudsling, in which several inauthentic pages and profiles were engaged to...

Millions of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! Email Accounts Hacked: A Reason to Panic?

Google Microsoft Yahoo accounts hack
Security of billions of internet user's personal information has always been a major concern for stakeholders. In a recent shocking revelation, 272.3 million email accounts were reportedly stolen and  being traded in Russia’s criminal underworld, a security expert has reported Reuters. Tough, a majority of email service providers have enhanced the security for their customers over the years, yet...

Facebook Inc. (FB) Dominates 130 Countries: World Map of Social Networks

Sometimes back we had analyzed the December 2013 world map of social networks which deduced Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) as the czar of social media sites and now in the recent update of this demographic plot of nations by Vincos, it reveals that this online social media titan is continuously expanding its realms all round the globe. The dominance of Facebook...

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (005935) Set To Sell First Tizen Smartphone Samsung Z: Will The Effort Pay Off ?

Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd. (KRX:005935) has recently announced its decision to launch its first Tizen OS powered smartphone the Samsung Z in Russia. The smartphone powered with open-sourced Tizen OS will be available in the country from coming July onwards. This announcement comes soon after the Korean electronics giant unveiled the Simband and SIMI and other products powered by Tizen OS. It's becoming...

Could Upcoming Samsung Tizen Smartphones Challenge Google Android In India And Russia?

Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd. (KRX:005930) is all set to create another disruption in the global smartphone market. The South Korean electronics giant is reportedly planning to launch a new smartphone powered by its Tizen OS in June 2014. Sources familiar with the matter told The Wall street Journal, Samsung will reportedly host a massive event in two countries - Russia and India,...

How Mobile Users In India Pay: Pre-Paid And Fixed Data Plan Most Preferred [STUDY]

The explosive growth in network and Smartphone adoption has influenced Indian mobile phone market significantly in last one year. In spite of various benefits and low-price call charges Post-Paid plans are still struggling to reach a sizable market share. In India, mobile users are more inclined towards Pre-paid mobile services compare to other countries like China, Korea, Russia, US,...

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