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The New Style Ransomware Attacks In India Is Quite Alarming: eScan

Ransomware Attacks In India
Nobody has forgotten the chaos created by the “WannaCry” Ransomware attack all around the world, owing to its lateral movement. It was immensely powerful and had silently penetrated the networks, gradually spreading in all the far and near countries. This had alarmed the security community, which was very quick in taking down all the infrastructure that was linked with WannaCry....

Indian SMEs Are Most Likely to Fall Into the Trap of Ransomware: Study

ransomware attacks
It has been quite a while since cyber-attacks have been duping businesses and organizations. And often, companies are dubious about their response and how to take them down. A new entrant, known as Ransomware, has to be watched out for. A US-based network and cybersecurity leader Sophos has released a report titled "The State Of endpoint Security Today" which...

Ransomware Malware Attacks Are Rising On Android And PC At An Alarming Rate [REPORT]

Ransomware malware affect Android and PC
The numbers of personal computer and mobile users who have been bombarded with ransomware malware have skyrocketed in the recent time according to the latest report by Kaspersky. The figures are alarming and the report reveals the increasing penetration of this malicious malware inside the smartphones.What the hell is Ransomware? It’s a malware that sedates the device, locks it,...

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