Project Ara

Will Xiaomi Be Able To Do What Google Failed To Do With Smartphone?

Having raised the roof with its path-breaking wireless charging design, Xiaomi seems to have taken modularity as the newest mantra. But on a road with a poignant past, does it have the bearings to come out covered in splendour? In...

Google Inc. (GOOGL) Project Ara Is Set To Start A New Era Of Smartphone With The Successful Demo

After recurring failures during previous demonstrations of Project Ara prototype Smartphone - quite an ambitious project from Google Inc. (NADAQ:GOOGL) - the latest prototype seems to have created quite a buzz in the industry. While the first prototype reportedly...
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Twitter Acquisition: Why fake accounts have suddenly become so decisive for Elon Musk?

The acquisition of Twitter Elon Musk made was so touchy about, suddenly soured. The Twitter acquisition deal surprisingly hit...
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