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Porn’s Endorsement Of VR To Drive Industry Innovation And Widespread Adoption

VR porn
As we slowly head towards the matured smartphone era, we are quickly finding ourselves at the onset of another. I am talking about, of course, the impending VR and AR revolution. While AR is still a few years away from becoming a mainstream consumer technology, VR innovation is already in full swing. However, like we outlined before, VR adoption has not really...

The Growth of Porn Content Consumption on Mobile Devices Is Driven by Women [REPORT]

consumption of porn content on mobile
The consumption of porn content on mobile is all high time. With each passing year the porn industry is recording an unprecedented growth. The exploded adoption of mobile has helped porn content consumer to spend more time than ever on porn websites. In 2016, the porn content consumption on mobile devices reached a new height as women are preferring mobile...

50% Of Online Porn Content Consumers In India Access Porn Websites From Their Smartphones [STUDY]

India - the world’s second largest country by population, second largest by mobile users, third largest by Internet population, and second largest by Facebook users – has got a new feather in the cap. But, this time it may not be – or may be, for many – celebrated as a moment of proud. India is rated at fifth-position...

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