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Facebook Inc. (FB) Continues To Be The Most Popular Site But Youngsters Prefer Instagram, Says Pew Research [STUDY]

social media usage update 2014
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) continues to be the most popular social networking site with online American adults, in spite of its growth having stagnated over the last year. 71 percent of the adult internet users in the US use this platform actively to stay connected to friends, family, neighbours, ex-classmates and colleagues. The younger online adults however find the other...

73% Adult Internet Users Witness Online Harassment, Only 5% Approach Law Enforcement Agencies

online harrasment
Online harassment or cyber bullying is now becoming a commonplace phenomenon.It is not without reason that Pew conducted a full-fledged study to know more about it. 73% of adult internet users had seen someone being harassed online in some form or the other and an astoundingly high 40% of them had been through the dreadful experience themselves. It was...

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