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PC Market Q1 2013: With 13.9% Decline PCs To Become Memoirs, As Tablets Rule The Market

PCs Sales have tragically come down as tablets rule in the first quarter (calendar) of 2013. PC sales dropped by 13.9% after selling 76.3 million units worldwide. Unfortunately, this decline was worse than the IDC’s earlier forecast of 7.7% decline.Hewlett-Packard Company (HPQ) shipped highest number of desktop PCs and laptops in this quarter. In spite of that it registered 24% drop...

IDC: Worldwide PC Shipments In Q1 2013 To Drop 7.7% !!

Worldwide PC Shipments In Q1 2013
It's really important to know where the PC industry is actually moving. It's true that an advent of Tablets has devoured a huge market share of computing devices, including desktops , traditional PCs and laptops. However, just a month before, we reported that sales of Global PC shipments showed off a 12% Y/Y in Q4 2012. At the beginning...

Worldwide PC Sales Recorded 12% Y/Y Growth In Q4 2012: Apple Dominated With 27 Million Units !!

An increasing demand of smartphones is gradually strangling to the PC sales day-by-day. Last year, 700.1 million smartphones were shipped, and expecting to be shipped 1.4 billion this year. According to a research firm Canalys, PC sales recorded 12% Y/Y growth in Q4 2012. A whopping 134 million PCs--including notebook, desktops and tablets--were shipped during the quarter. Apple continued...

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