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WhatsApp Payment Service In India: Government Withheld The Launch, Again

whatsapp payment service in india
Amidst the struggle with raging controversies the launch of WhatsApp payment service in India is has been put on hold. WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging has been denied the permission for the nationwide launch of its online payment service in the country, for the time being. Showing concerns regarding the usage and storage of the valuable user data by the...

Instagram Launches In-App Payments To Monetise 800 Million+ User Base

Instagram in-app payments
As first spotted in TechCrunch reports, the widely used Picture-sharing app, Instagram added an in-app payment feature to its app. In quite a furtive manner, Instagram launched this feature which is currently available for some users. Although this roll-out has been much anticipated, it comes out in its testing-phase only.Instagram in-app payments feature will let you register a debit...

452% Increase In UPI Transactions in Q4 2017, But BHIM App Disappoints

BHIM UPI transactions
In December 2016 when Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) UPI app was launched by the honourable prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi, there was hardly anyone who doubted the success of the app. In fact, there were many who were bullish about the adoption of BHIM UPI app considering the market shift, the number of banks backing BHIM and...

Why Is Google Allowing You to Send or Receive Money Via Gmail On Android For Free?

google gmail send money
As of March 14, 2017, Google, in an announcement, shared the news that users of the Gmail app on Android devices would be able to send or request money with anyone. They would also be able to do so with anyone who did not even have a Gmail address.Currently available as a feature for the U.S. market only, Google...

Mobile Payments And Fraud Trends 2016: Are Merchants Well Equipped ?

Smartphones have been around for a fair while and in the decade that they've been here, they've managed to slip into every aspect of our lives, from shopping to bank accounts. From a consumers point of view, online shopping and payments are both there to save us some precious time in a hectic lifestyle; and most merchants and organizations...

The 3 Most Exciting Developments in Mobile Apps You Must Pay Attention To

mobile apps development
There’s no denying it, the mobile apps development is one of the most important elements in the current technology market. That’s because people are increasingly dependent on their mobile phones for both practical and entertainment reasons. In fact, statistics show that in 2015 mobile app usage has grown by 58%. But it’s not texting or calls that people are...

Facebook Money Transfer Feature Via Messaging Could Prove To Be Next Goldmine

facebook payment service
Everything coming from this social giant creates a ripple in the internet industry. And why not? When one-fifth of the world’s population hangs out here, sparks are bound to fly. Yes, we are talking about Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB); the online social networking titan hits the headlines on Tuesday with its announcement of rolling out a new messenger feature- in-app...

The First Digital Wallet Manager: What Consumers Need To Know

Once digital wallets finally claim the hearts and pockets of shoppers, consumers will never again have to shuffle through an overloaded wallet only to find a bunch of maxed out or expired credit cards. They will never again have to worry about forgetting their bankcard at the bar or losing a paper buy-one-get-one-free coupon. Using a digital wallet, consumers...

Mobile Payment To Reach $670 Billion by 2015 In US [INFOGRAPHIC]

A majority of people around the world prevent themselves to adopt any machinery equipment like PC or mobile handsets especially for marketing or banking purpose. They prefer to use a conventional way for the money transactions. In less developed countries, a vast population even does not know what the mobile payment is ! It’s awkward to carry out the wallet...

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