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Apple Wins Patent For A Future Apple Watch Band that Allows FaceTime Calling

Apple Watch FaceTime Call
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) had been rumoured to be looking to introduce a FaceTime feature into their Apple Watches for some time. However, today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office just granted a patent to Apple regarding a special band for the Apple Watch with either one or two in-built cameras. These in-built cameras would help the Watches gain the...

With Facebook’s New Live Video Features, One May Skip Their Regular Skin-Care Regimen!

facebook patents
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has some unique live streaming features up its sleeve!As per reports, two new Facebook patents were filed by the social-media giant last year, only to be made public today. These patents hint at enabling new add-on that will highlight live stream features.One of the patents gives an inkling that a new feature might be added, which will...

Apple’s New Patents: Expect iPhone With Wraparound Screen And AR Capabilities ?

Apple's new patent
Brand name alone doesn’t guarantee success in the future if a company lacks innovation; best examples are Nokia and Blackberry. Apparently, Apple has taken a cue from that. The current iPhone sales slump is a wake-up call for the Cupertino giant and to tackle that the company filed for various state-of-the-art patents. Among all, the most interesting ones are...

Xiaomi Gets A Ticket To the US And Europe By Buying 1500 Patents from Microsoft

xiaomi buys microsoft patents
The once top-notch Chinese smartphone gladiator, Xiaomi, is apparently struggling to keep its sales growth intact, especially after its global smartphone market share in the last few quarters. The case with Microsoft whose smartphones never saw a boost in sales is even worst. The consequence; both the companies have entered into an agreement which will mutually benefit both the tech...

3 Apple Inc. (AAPL) Patents That Can Predict The Next iPhone Features !

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has established its reputation as the ultimate innovators in technology. They have amazed consumers with products including the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Apple continues to strive for new ways to provide technology to the public. Apple files for numerous patents as it continues to develop new ideas. In fact, they have more patents pending than ones that...

Is Ericsson’s Demand To Micromax On Patent’s Royalty Fee Irrational? Will Micromax Give In To The Demands?

The on-going patent royalty fee dispute between Indian mobile handset major Micromax and Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson has intensified. In latest developments, Competition Commission of India (CCI) is to investigate Ericsson in regards to the charges levied on Micromax for the use of Ericsson’s patents. To do an in-depth investigation CCI has now decided to refer the case...

Microsoft Q2 2013 Earnings: Minted $1.31 Billion From Google Android [Exclusive]

The much awaited Microsoft Q2 2013 (fiscal) Earnings report is already out and analysts across the globe are already bumping up with their mixed views on the tech giant financial performance of the last quarter ended 31 December 2012. The company posted record revenue but lower than expected profit figures, and we are already done with quarter-by-quarter assessment. Surprisingly,...

Retarding Innovative Ideas: Facebook And Six Other Tech Companies Stand Against It?

Retardations in innovations are rapidly seen these days. Patent arguments continue to command much of the tech world’s attention and corporate resources. Group of prominent companies like Facebook, Zynga, Twitter and five other are taking stand against this practice by filing an amicus brief in the U.S. State Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on last Friday, asking...

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