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Happy B’Day Tim Westergren: The Entrepreneur Who Obstinately Refused to Quit !

Just be prepared for a long and often uncertain journey. The good stuff doesn't come easy. The man who believes 'it’s all about timing' is the biggest myth in business, the man who never regrets his actions and considers his sacrifices as his own choices. From being a bankrupt to the owner of a multi-billion dollar company requires a hell...

Is There An Actual Competition Between Apple Inc And Pandora ?

Apple Inc. (AAPL) made a major music announcement during its WWDC 2013 keynote, i.e. introducing iTunes Radio. Apple has intensified talks with major music labels; it is launching a rival streaming music application called iTunes Radio, throwing the company’s digital music resources and its partnerships with music studios-into the fray against other tech giants and to compete with Pandora’s...

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YouTube Should Have Bid Adieu To Dislike Button Much Earlier?

Online video sharing platform YouTube can be a ruthless place for content creators targeted by 'dislike mobs'. And the site owners totally understand that...