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SoftBank Puts IPO-bound OYO in a tough spot: Slashes valuation to just $2.7 billion

The challenges for OYO, the hospitality startup unicorn of India, are far from over. As the company has started to come out from the grip of Covid-19, SoftBank Group Corp. has slashed the value of Oyo hotels on its...

OYO IPO: A lucrative bet after a significant cut in valuation?

The far-reaching impact of Paytm IPO debacle has started appearing as the Indian startup unicorns, who were in celebration mode after SEBI relaxed the norms for startups to go public, are now facing the brunt of the market. OYO...
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NFT losing mojo: NFT trading volume down by 97% since January

After the initial excitement and hype, the Crypto market is facing an unprecedented downturn, resulting in hundreds of thousands...
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