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How Amazon’s Is Wining Over Flipkart From Day 1 In Inda

From the day of launch Amazons’ has started scathing the market of in India. Amazon launched on 2nd February and within one week its Alexa 'Reach Percentage" ( Changes by +7000%) as well as "Traffic Rank" (Change by +143,226) has surged up drastically. Meanwhile has registered decline in its daily reach (Change by -11% ) as...

Online Advertisement In U.S. To Reach $62 Billion By 2016 [STUDY]

Online Advertisement plays major role in shaping the brand values, revenue as well as profit for companies. Quite convinced with the fact, companies are also spending billions of dollars on the advertisement arm every year and its going to increase further more in coming years. Taking the view of online advertisement spending, a study was conducted which highlights that by the...

Internet Users Invest 95 Percent Of Social Media Time Over Facebook

Social media titan Facebook engagement rate has increased in an exponential manner throughout the year. It has dominated over its arch rivals Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace. Facebook accounts for 95 percent of social networking time on internet in United States. It has been found that on an average 1 out of every 7 minutes U.S online users spends...

Google a Hungry Beast !

How and when Google has been turned a hungry beast. A race with few biggies in IT like Microsoft, Oracle.....Google is exploring multiple options to have some say everywhere.

who is shopping Online – A trend of online shopping

Booming online shopping gave wings to many of the entrepreneur and business ideas. Many succeed and failed also. The most important aspect one need to understand the behaviour of online shopping. A below image shows how the trend in details.

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