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The Sales Strategy of OnePlus Is Shattering Customers’ Confidence

OnePlus 5 discontinued
In the fast-changing world of technology, users are believed to be open to adopting the new products with a shorter upgrade cycle. However, to maintain a balance between customers' satisfaction and new market acquisition, brands make cautious moves to avoid any friction among existing customer base. Looks like, OnePlus is an exception here!Barely five months ago OnePlus introduced, the so-called, new flagship...

Oneplus 5 Is Here, But Is It Still The “Flagship Killer”?

Oneplus 5 flagship killer@2x
In one of the eagerly awaited launch events of the year, the OnePlus 5 was launched yesterday in India. This is a far cry from the relative obscurity during the launch of the Oneplus One back in the day. Clearly, a lot has changed since then, and the market and OnePlus both have matured. However, where does OnePlus' newest...

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