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Facebook Inc. (FB) To Brand Pages: Pay Now Or Go Home For Organic Reach

In an announcement which is bound to have a significant impact on the organic reach of Fan pages, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has officially announced its decision to cut down on the ‘promotional content’ across the site from January 2015. The social networking giant made it clear to brand owners and marketers that promotional posts will soon be edged out of...

Facebook News Feed Redesigned: A ‘Stolen’ Master Piece From Google+

Today Facebook has unveiled the second major change in its 1 Billion+ users’ network; The redesigned Facebook News Feed is out. After spending some time with new News feed, by understanding Mark Zuckerberg’s fabulous stand, explanation and imagination behind such release, I have got only a statement to make “Great Work Google+”…..no, there is absolute no typo mistake. In fact, this...

Facebook To Unveil New Avatar Of News Feeds Section On March 7, 2013 [BREAKING]

Facebook is again gearing up to surprise 1 Billion plus people with the something new. And, this time it would be the biggest change ever. According to a latest report, Facebook is all set to unveil the new look of its most popular News Feed section on March 7 2013.The Social media giant will showcase the new look and...

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