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Mastercard Net Income, by Year

Mastercard Net Income, by Year
 The above graph represents Mastercard net income by year, starting from 2001.Mastercard posted an impressive $5,859 million as net income in 2018. This happens to be to the first instance when the company's net income has surpassed the $5 billion in a year. The record profit came at the time when Mastercard revenue also reached all-time high, $14.95 billion,...

Facebook Earnings Q2 2018: Highlights

Facebook Earnings Q2 2018
The DGraph represents the Facebook earnings in Q2 2018, which includes revenue from advertising, payments & other fees, total costs & expenses, income from operations, and total net income. In Q2 2018, Facebook's total revenue clocked $13.2 billion, worldwide. Interestingly, nearly 98.51% of that came from advertising. The company's advertising revenue has seen a remarkable 42.27% YoY growth.Mobile plays a biggest...

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