Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Happy B’Day Sean Parker, The Napster Guy: 6 Interesting Facts

It’s Sean Parker Day today! The founder of Napster – the world’s first and fastest growing music file sharing network site of its time - unarguably the most controversial president of Facebook, the man who brought the music industry to its knees and threatened to destroy it forever, is celebrating his birthday today.Sean enjoys 4% of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)...

Airtime: A Social Startup That Allows You To Mix Up With The World – Live [Video]

Newer social networking sites are emerging often and they are indeed getting boring by the minute, people are desperately in need of new innovative platform to engage with the world and add people to their buddy list. Face to Face interaction has a deep and complete impact in one to one communication. There are things which can not be...

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Two billion! That's Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) for you - Right when you thought that this social-media giant has already connected the entire world, it's...