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MAUs of Global Top 500 Apps: 91.7 Million In Q2 2021 and Growing [REPORT]

As the adoption of smartphones and the Internet have surged over the last 2-3 years, so has app usage. The covid-19 lockdown has also boosted the usage of mobile apps as people turned to their mobile devices for almost...

TikTok Tops The List Of Most Downloaded Apps In May 2021 For Non-Gaming Category [REPORT]

The mobile apps has impacted our lives to a huge extent. In barely a decade, it went from a luxury to a necessity. One of the fastest-growing categories in smartphone apps is entertainment. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and a slew...
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Top 8 local SEO Tools to boost Google search ranking and sales

The internet is flooded with articles that claim to put out top SEO tools to boost search ranking, but...
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