Rise of Digital Scams in India: AI Makes Fake Messages More Real and Difficult To Spot

In today's hyper-connected world, where digital communication has become an indispensable tool, the prevalence of scam messages has become an alarming reality. According to the latest study titled "Global Scam Message" by McAfee Corp, Indians receive an average of 12...

Google removes apps that have affected 20 million Android users worldwide

Google has actively been cracking down malicious apps to safeguard its more than 2.5 billion Android users worldwide. As the adoption of Internet and smartphones has grown over the years, so has the number of new apps in the...

Mobile Malwares Grew By 167% In 2013: Total Malwares Cross the 200 Million Mark !

The increasing infiltration of smartphones in our lives spells good news for cyber criminals. Just a few days back, we talked about the Trojan, Android.Trojan.Uupay.D, which runs in the background and sends sensitive information to an untraceable, anonymous server...

Intel Becomes Security Cautious: Aquires McAfee

Intel Corporation, world's largest semiconductor chip maker, agreed to acquire McAfee, a computer security and antivirus software company. Intel has agreed to pay out $7.68 billion ($48 per share in cash) to McAfee towards this deal which has been announced today. The boards of directors of both companies have approved the deal, which is expected to close following shareholder approval and regulatory clearances.
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Paytm’s Insurance U-Turn: From License Pursuit to Distribution Only

Paytm, India's fintech giant facing financial headwinds, has announced a strategic shift in its insurance business. In a bid...
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