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Mastercard Net Income, by Year

Mastercard Net Income, by Year
 The above graph represents Mastercard net income by year, starting from 2001.Mastercard posted an impressive $5,859 million as net income in 2018. This happens to be to the first instance when the company's net income has surpassed the $5 billion in a year. The record profit came at the time when Mastercard revenue also reached all-time high, $14.95 billion,...

Mastercard Revenue, by Fiscal Quarter

Mastercard Revenue, by Fiscal Quarter
 The above graph represents the quarterly revenue of Mastercard. Despite posting an astounding $3,807 million in revenue in fiscal Q4 2018, it is declined by a meagre 2.33% compared to the previous quarter. However, on a YoY basis, Mastercard revenue in fiscal Q4 2018 grew 14.94% from the same quarter a year ago.The quarterly revenue of Mastercard has been steadily...

Mastercard Revenue, by Fiscal Year

Mastercard Revenue, by Fiscal Year
 The above graph represents Mastercard revenue, by year, from 2001 to the most recent year. The revenue of Mastercard has increased swiftly over the years starting from fiscal 2001 to 2018.The fiscal 2018 proved to be a milestone year for Mastercard Inc. (NYSE:MA) in terms of revenue. The company posted $14,950 million in revenue, a considerable increase of 19.62% YoY...

Google And Mastercard Secret Deal: You Are Being Tracked Offline As Well Now

Google Mastercard deal
In the era of internet, privacy breaches and invasive data collection, it has become more than normal to find one of the big technology companies held accountable for unethically using their customers' personal data, almost every other day. What's even worse is that these companies, instead of curbing their activities, are taking major strides forward to increase them to...

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