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The New CEO of Uber: It’s Sheryl Sandberg vs Marissa Mayer!

the new CEO of Uber Sheryl Sandberg
A female CEO would help Uber to win back its market reputation and get the company out from the slew of sexual scandals.This is what Uber's Board seems to be convinced of. The board has started to screening the portfolios of the best candidates to fill the position which has gone vacant after the exit of Travis Kalanick, Founder of...

How Marissa Mayer’s MaVeNs Became a Disaster [UPDATED]

Yahoo! up for sale
Update 2: Feb 20, 2016: Yahoo! has officially admitted what was making the buzz on the internet for some time - Yahoo! is up for sale.  The company has formed "Strategic Review Committee of Independent Directors" who would put in their brains to find "strategic alternatives". To make things clear, Yahoo! is all set to field offers which would...

Tumblr Sold To Yahoo! : Why Is It The Acquisition Of The Year [Report]

Tumblr Inc. has finally given in. David Karp who once vehemently opposed advertising has now sold his company to an advertising mogul. Yahoo! Inc. under Marissa Mayer is on an acquisition spree and today they nailed the single most important deal in their long and checkered history. Yahoo has acquired the fastest growing weblog platform Tumblr in an...

Marissa Mayer Continues To Dent Into Google’s Talent Pool: Is Yahoo-Microsoft 3 Years Alliance Paid Off?

Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo as president and CEO in July of this year after serving Google for 13 years. Marissa is considered as only the hope that could draw up Yahoo on the track. Previously, we anticipated how the new CEO could leverage on her contacts to pull out Google’s talent pool for Yahoo. Today, she promulgated to designate senior...

Is Marissa Mayer’s Endeavor To Turnaround Yahoo Creating Turmoil Inside ?

At present, Yahoo is struggling to regain its market share and arrival of Marissa Mayer at the company is like ‘a drowning man catches at a straw’. I think, the decision of Yahoo’s board to appoint Marissa as the new CEO was not a bad idea and I have already discussed how the new CEO could rescue the company...

How Yahoo’s New CEO Is Motivating Employees For Fast And Smart Work?

Last five years were really a nightmare for Yahoo; a half-dozen CEO came and left the company during this period. Finally, Yahoo's responsibility were entrusted under the leadership of Marissa Mayer on July 16, 2012. Previously, I have already described how Yahoo's new CEO could pull out Google's talent pool by leveraging its contacts.After being the CEO at Yahoo,...

How Marissa Mayer Could Pull out Google’s Talent Pool Toward Yahoo?

Undoubtedly, at present, Yahoo is going through rough patches. There have been a turmoil inside Yahoo to have a permanent CEO, almost half of dozen CEOs have left the company since the last five years. The search giant has recently announced Marissa Mayer as its new CEO and it's considered that Mayer is only the hope could bring the...

Will The Frequent Change Of ‘Driver’ – And The New CEO – Can Save Yahoo ?

Indeed, Yahoo's investors are beleaguered with turmoil for making permanent CEO, almost half-dozen CEOs have left the company since last five years. However, it has been speculated that the interim CEO "Ross Levinsohn" would lead the company, but it hasn't happened so. Yahoo is betting a hue on Marissa Mayer, a new CEO of the company.Marissa Mayer At GoogleAt present,...

Google’s background image experiment backfires !

Much before than 24, hours of experiment of Google's background image concept has been withdrawn unexpectedly. From Thursday, for 24 hours, Google set itself with an experiment to place a background image on hompage, replacing Google's famous white background home page.

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