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Demonetisation Effect on Smartphone Sales in India: Down by 60% – 70%

smartphone sales in india
Almost one month ago, the Indian government announced demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes across the country. This measure caused severe cash crisis all over the country affecting each and every industry. One of the most affected industries is the Smartphone industry, largely the feature phone and budget smartphones segment. During the initial days of demonetization, smartphone...

How Chinese OEMs Increased the ASP of Smartphones in The Indian Market [REPORT]

smatphone shipments india q1 2016
While the rest of the world has been witnessing plateauing growth for smartphones, India has been the only country to go against the trend and provides a glimmer of hope to OEMs across the world. However, painting a somber mood over the optimism surrounding the Indian mobile phone market has been a new report from CyberMedia Research. The overall shipment...

Smartphone Market Growth In India Q1 2016: What Must The OEMs Learn to Survive?

mobile handset shipments in india q1 2016
2016 hasn't been a good year for smartphone OEMs around the world. However, for India, who has recently acquired the second spot in the list of the world's largest smartphone market, it seems that the smartphone juggernaut remains impossible to stop. Posting in at a healthy growth rate of 23% YoY, the latest report from Counterpoint, shows that the growth...

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