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In The Era of Internet You Should Choose Fibre Over Broadband

fibre vs broadband
Now that you have started reading this article, we can guess that you are quite baffled with the vast range of broadband technologies that ISPs are offering nowadays. While every ISP is claiming to offer superior network and world-class customer support, some of the ISPs have taken the competition to a whole new level by upgrading their infrastructure to Fibre...

How To Create A Top Notch Website In The Fast Changing World of Internet

create top notch website
When you’re setting out as a business owner, your online presence is going to be an important part of growing your customer base. This usually means having a website for your store or services. However, the website itself needs to be a reflection of your business while simultaneously being appealing to the average web user, which may seem difficult...

The Most Essential Digital Branding Trends Every Entrepreneur Must Be Following Right Now

digital branding trends 2017
The digital marketing industry keeps evolving every year, and the branding techniques followed by the companies keep varying based on the current trend. It’s said that brands are fabricated on cultural DNA and will evolve with the time and changing customer desires. It is often good to observe what the market leaders are following and also analyse what they...

5 Things You Need to Invest In to Ensure Your E-Commerce Store Stays Competitive in 2017

strategies for ecommerce success
The retail e-commerce sales worldwide is estimated worth $2.29 trillion in 2017, accounting for 10.1% of total retail sales. The share is estimated to swell to 16% by 2021, making the market worth $4.47 trillion.Realizing the enormous opportunities e-commerce industry worldwide is posing e-commerce store owners are not shying away from investing heavily in free giveaways and competitions. eStore owners...

Fixed Vs Mobile Broadband Growth: 4.3 Bln Mobile Broadband Users By the End of 2017 [REPORT]

mobile broadband growth worldwide 2017
The prevailing technological trend over the past decade has been the shift towards mobile solutions. Our devices are shrinking down, and everything is becoming much more portable. In such a world, it stands to reason that the internet is also becoming increasingly mobile. The internet forms the backbone of much that we use modern technology for. As the technology...

The Unhackable Internet: New Scientific Breakthrough Brings New Revolution

A groundbreaking new experiment, conducted by scientists from Hefei University in China, has now made the possibility of a fully secure internet a reality. The team, led by Professor Jian-Wei Pan, have managed to set a new distance record for beaming a pair of entangled particles. These particles are photons of light whose quantum state is dependent on each other. What this...

40% of Mobile Internet Users In India Are Still Hooked Up to 2G Network [REPORT]

mobile internet users in india 2017
The number of mobile internet users in India is skyrocketing, especially after the advent of Reliance Jio. While the country's mobile Internet ecosystem is going through a major shift, telecom providers have started exploring the feasibility of upgrading their infrastructure in a bid to compete with next-generation competitors, like Reliance Jio. The ongoing price war of mobile data has...

India Records 87% Growth In Average Internet Speed in Q1 2017 [REPORT]

Average internet speed APAC Q1 2017
In India, the average internet speed is one of the major discussion points among the leaders of new digital India. In mid-2016, the United Nations passed a non-binding resolution proclaiming the internet as a basic human right. This is just further proof of the immense importance of the internet in the modern world. Today, technological development is intrinsically linked to...

With 3X Bigger Than English User-Base, Indian Language Users Are Set To Take Over The Internet By 2021 [REPORT]

Indian language internet users
With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India undoubtedly has one of the largest potential user bases of the internet. Despite the immense possibilities, this potential has largely remained untapped until now. This is partly due to digital illiteracy, low incomes and the smartphone revolution arriving late in India. However, by far the biggest reason has been the...

Mobile Devices Now Account For 92.8% Of Broadband Subscriptions In India As Jio Drives Massive Growth

broadband service providers in India
When Professor Leonard Kleinrock sent the first ever message over ARPANET to Stanford Research University, he could have scarcely imagined that this was the birth of an omnipresent network that would one day connect every corner of the world. The internet contains the total of nearly all human knowledge and has pervaded every aspect of our lives. The rise...

Google Android Is Set To Overtake Microsoft Windows OS First Time In the History

Android market share by internet usage
The increasing penetration of smartphones and internet have helped Google Android to get an edge over the Microsoft Windows OS which has been dominating the PC market for long. According to a new report published by Statcounter, as of February of 2017, Google Android has captured 37.4% of the total market share of OS in terms of internet usage,...

How You Lose Customers and Alienate Visitors On your Sales Page

improve you online sales
In that popular comedy, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, comedian Simon Pegg bungles his way throughout the movie and almost severs relationships with his company’s top clients. While this is funny on screen, real life may not be nearly as forgiving.Like Simon Peg, our online sales page may not be the ideal closer. When was the last...

Do You Work With Good Web Developers?

Nowadays, it is so simple to find web developers. All that you really need to do is to use a major search engine - read Google - and you will find hundreds that you can consider hiring. The developer that you used in the past is not necessarily the best choice available right now. It is really important that...

Internet Reaches 1 Billion Websites: The Future Of Web Design

total number of websites 2015
The number of total websites worldwide is about to hit 1 billion figure - 995 million as of today - in the next few days. With the growing number of online presence brands and individuals are trying to influence the internet users with more intuitive and appealing designs of their website. However, in just the past 10 years, web design and...

E-commerce Optimisation: 4 Aspects Every Online Store Could Improve Upon

ecommerce optimisation
Running an online store is a lot like running a brick and mortar shop in the real world, in that the customers want their shopping experience to be as convenient as possible, and you, the merchant, want the transaction to go well and facilitate repeat business.In the real world, we do all kinds of things to optimise our storefronts and...

How Enterprises Can Ensure High Availability, Rapidly Respond to Threats & Prevent Website Downtime

enterprise security
It’s a no-brainer; website downtimes have to be prevented to avoid losses, not just in terms of revenues but also to avoid disappointing or irritating current and potential customers. That’s why it’s very important to maintain a highly-available infrastructure and to incorporate quick response mechanisms to possible online threats.In building such an infrastructure, an enterprise has the option to...

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