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The Future Of Mobile Advertising In India Is All Video: Investment Up By 119%, Consumption 124% [REPORT]

mobile video ads india
Digital advertising has been around since the very early days of the internet. It is - and has always been - one of the most popular monetization models in the digital world. As of today, it forms the core business model of many digital ventures, including news, entertainment, media and much more. In fact, it is the primary source...

The Secret to App Monetization Revealed: 55% Developers Earn Below $1000 [REPORT]

Global monthly app revenue 2016
With ten days to go for Mobile World Congress, 2016 to be held in Barcelona, Spain, we are getting little nostalgic and excited, simultaneously, as the best and the new of the smartphone world will be revealed. What amazes us is the evolution of the smartphone, especially in the last couple of years. As the penetration of smartphones has...

Microsoft’s Acquisition of InMobi Will Make Google Face The Heat ?

Microsoft InMobi acquisition
In a world, that is increasingly shifting its focus to a mobile first scenario, the Desktop Internet as we know is slowly dying. Companies are gradually understanding the impact of an app ecosystem and many of them are taking the plunge from being app-first to an app-only model. One of the driving factors behind this change of outlook has...

Evolution Of Mobile Native Ads: 33% Advertisers Plan To Increase Budget By 25% to 50%

native ad spend in 2014
The exploding adoption of smartphones and tablets has accelerated the growth of mobile app and mobile internet industry worldwide. About 3.4 billion smartphones have been shipped by the end of 2014 and users have over 2.5 million apps to choose from. This phenomenal growth in the smartphone industry has created an enormous opportunity for advertisers who want to reach their potential...

Mobile Gaming Market 2014: Adventure Games More Popular, Americans Prefer Puzzle Games !

Mobile gaming is a rapidly developing industry worldwide. It is very much affected by regions, history of game play behavior, cultural impact and gaming landscape. Although gaming industry faced a few setbacks due to rampant piracy issues and ban on video games, it has not looked back since the advent of mobile gaming.In 1997, Nokia was the first company...

48% Of Users Consult Their Mobile Devices To Make Purchase Decisions: The Role Of Mobile In Media And Advertising!

Mobile devices have transformed our daily behavior through various apps. Now it's also the fastest growing platform for media. With a vast user base of 1.75 billion users by the end of 2014, mobile is transforming the way media is digested on a daily basis. The average millennial user spends 18 hours a day viewing media, of which 5...

Mobile Ad Market In India For Q3, 2013 : Mobile Websites Win Over Apps, Apple Doesn’t Exists!

Smartphone shipment is estimated to reach 1 billion in 2014 while sales of feature phone are dipping. That’s the global phenomenon but in India the scenario is apparently the exact opposite. According to the latest report from InMobi on Mobile Advertising Market Q3, 2013, Smartphone users are still confined to old school device usage and mobile website is predominantly...

Use Of Mobile Devices In India: Internet Users Spend 4 Hours A Day On Their Smartphone [Report]

Though, the adoption of Smartphone in India is relatively still low, mobile internet usage is surging up among users. A recent survey, conducted by InMobi and Mobext in May, depicts that Personal communication and Entertainment are the most performed activities by Mobile internet users in India and Smartphone has played a vital role in this.With the emergence of local...

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