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Smartphone Shipments in India Q1 2017 – Q1 2018: The Radical Change

Indian smartphone market is experiencing some major churning despite stagnant smartphone shipments in India during Q1 2018. More people in the country are opting for relatively economical smartphone handsets, which is quite evident from the success stories of Chinese players in the market.Chinese newcomer Xiaomi continues to widen the market share gap in shipments with the Korean giant Samsung...

Xiaomi Helps The Indian Smartphone Industry Power Through To Second Place, Ahead Of The US

smartphone shipments in India q3 2017
After a somewhat difficult two quarters, the Indian smartphone market has bounced back in a big way, led by none other than India's most preferred smartphone brand, Xiaomi. A while back, we reported that smartphone shipments in India in Q2 2017 declined 4% YoY compared to Q2 2016. At the time, some thought the Indian smartphone boom was finally slowing...

GST And Smartphones: Do Indian Buyers Need To Be Worried About Rising Prices?

GST impact on smartphones
The past year has been incredibly eventful for the Indian smartphone and mobile industry. The launch of Reliance Jio brought 4G VOLTE to the masses, leading to increase internet speed and penetration. It also spurred the demand for 4G enabled smartphones, resulting in a smartphone sales boom. Another very notable development over the past year has been the growing dominance...

Smartphone Market India: Chinese Smartphone Manufacturers Are Wiping Out India’s Local Vendors

India Smartphone market share by vendors q1 2017
The global smartphone industry is big business, and it has been so for nearly a decade now. In fact, Statista estimates that the global smartphone industry amassed a revenue of nearly $431 billion in 2016 alone! Traditionally, the majority of this revenue has come from elite markets such as North America and Europe. However, with slowing smartphone sales growth due...

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