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OYO Offloads 150 Employees: Cast off flab, Narrow Focus on Core With A Long Term Strategies At Heart

Every move you make in business is quite akin to chess. If you want your devised strategy to be pulled off, you must also be prepared to lose a few pawns. Seems like OYO is thinking along the same...

OYO, Pandemic and Future: CEO Agarwal Makes Big Claims

If there is one sector at which the pandemic really took a swing, it is the hospitality industry. But that's not the only one that is going through the worst phase. The tourism industry has also struggled in times...
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Depsite Introducing Alluring New Features, It’s an Uphill Battle for WhatsApp Pay in India

Who would've imagined sending money to your friends and family would one day become as effortless as sending a...
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