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Healthcare App Development: The Predominant Trends In 2018 You Must Pay Attention To

Healthcare mobile industry trends 2018
We live in an era that is entirely dependent on technology and people of this generation are imbibing the trend of smartphone apps for their respective businesses. No matter which category of business they fall into, every industry is going mobile with their apps and are also collecting huge profits. If you’re a business that is engaging a team...

Changing Landscape of Online Healthcare Industry in India

After China, globally India has the second largest online population. According to a report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, the Indian healthcare sector is one of the largest service sectors in the country. By 2020, the healthcare industry is expected to grow to a massive US$ 280 billion dollar industry, a growth of over...

How Mobile Technology Is Impacting Health Care Delivery In The U.S. !

In 2014, 9 out of 10 doctors will use a smartphone, with nearly the same percentage having access to tablets, Epocrates reports in their 2013 Mobile Trends Reports. With so many medical professionals using smartphones in their personal life, a large percentage have come to expect or prefer it professionally. This has led to some exciting new shifts around health...

Online Health Care Startup OurHealthMate Raises $440K Through Seed Funding!

Last week when we featured the exclusive interview of Abhinav Krishna, CEO & Co-Founder – OurHealthMate, little did we know that something wonderful awaited him. The interview revolved around market potential, business model, challenges, opportunities and their future road map. Today, the Singapore based healthcare startup has updated us that they have raised $440,000 USD in seed funding. The...

Big Data In Healthcare: Technology May Replace Upto 80% of What Doctors Do !

With the advancement of Technology, people are getting more inclined and satisfied with processes actively being driven by data. Healthcare Industry is no exception and the industry is witnessing the biggest tech revolution in recent time. In healthcare, it’s all about data; patient history, medical records, scanning, testing and almost every procedure is an effort to leverage more on...

Diabeto: A Tech-Startup That Beats Diabetes In Its Own Game [Interview]

Just think it over first – Diabetes caused 4.6 million deaths in 2011. 366 million people across the globe are suffering from Diabetes and in next 18 years, the intensification will reach 552 million people. Unfortunately, 78,000 children develop diabetes every year. Now, here comes the big shock – 70% diabetic patients are NOT self- monitoring their blood glucose...

Why American’s Healthcare Is Blood Sucker ? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many of us have heard about America’s sky rocket healthcare cost and despite of that 40 million Americans had ditched the insurance policy in 2009. Though, alcoholic habits have not reached till roots of many people, it doesn’t mean that Americans don’t have any health issues. America has the majority of old age people who definitely need Healthcare protection....

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