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Do We Need To Be Worried About Technology Addiction? Study Shows 34% Of People Have Difficulty Unplugging

technology addiction
Modern technology has shaped the world for decades now. It has pervaded every aspect of our daily lives, from work, communication to even entertainment. This has been especially true over the past decade, with the rise of the smartphone. As consumer technology has become cheaper and more accessible, adoption has grown exponentially. In many ways, this has been a...

Apple Fans Have Set High Expectations From Apple Watch [REPORT]

Apple Watch fans expectations
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is known to make enough of buzz before launching its devices to create the much-needed hype in the market about the product. For years, tech enthusiasts and Apple fans have been talking about the most awaited Apple Smartwatch. Since the launch of crowdfunded Pebble Smartwatch, the rumors about Apple Smartwatch has been flowing through many different...

Top 10 Tech Devices Markets 2015: India Will Register The Highest Growth !

Imitating the phenomenon which occurred a decade ago, when feature phones sales in developing nations was at the peak, the emerging markets are again set to ouster the developed market in the sales of smartphones, indicates the GfK Target Setter projections. The reports, covered 70 digital device types globally, suggest USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Russia, South Korea and Italy...

Android Unprecedented Sales Growth Appreciates To 1000% In Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, Android has recorded an unprecedented growth of 1000% in sale within a year.  Android has secured top position in the region with more than 1.8 million handsets sale, beating its closest competitor by a whooping half-a-million margin. According to GfK Asia report, Android which had the third position in Q1, has improved its market share drastically and...

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