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Jio Announces Partnership With Screenz For Interactive TV Solution

Jio Screenz
The Mukesh Ambani led start-up Reliance Jio is keen at striking it rich in extremes of the media and entertainment business. Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd released a Press Release dated May 17, 2018, titled "Jio Announces Exclusive Partnership with Screenz to create India's Largest Digital Engagement Platform" wherein it charters new growth avenues by providing real-time interactions. Jio-Screenz Collaboration: Platform For...

Can Gamification Boost Learning for Business and Education

gamification for education and business
Gamification refers to the application of game theory and mechanics to real-world settings. Businesses and educational institutions have accepted gamification because of its power to change and improve learning and performance by framing problems and challenges as games.For a long time, people have enjoyed engaging with difficult situations and adversaries through the use of game consoles. People seem to...

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