Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Freedom 251 Smartphone Pricing Strategy: Fudging Numbers Or Fuzzy Logic?

When a little-known Indian company, Ringing Bells, unveiled their grand plans for the world's cheapest phone - Freedom 251 - at less than $4, suddenly they had the entire world's attention. Along with that, the phone managed to garner a healthy dose of skepticism from the naysayers, with some people going as far as to say that the entire...

Freedom 251: Revealing The Troubling Secrets of the Cheapest Smartphone In The World

If there's one thing, that has been beaten to death in the past few months, it has to be the budget oriented smartphone market in India and how this low cost and high volume market, will sculpt the future of the industry. However, Indian buyers have kept up their quest for even cheaper products and their eternal search for the...

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