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Conservative Boomers More Susceptible To Fake News On Facebook, Most Likely To Share The Same [STUDY]

Of the many quandaries that Facebook faces, the most abominable are Fake news and the menace it spreads! Not to forget the whole mess around U.S Presidential elections with the chance of misleading information to be a possible influence. Again, the aftermath of the same has been a major concern and yes, far-fetched. That being said, the "who" factor...

Twitter’s “Edit Tweet” Feature: Do We Really Need It?

twitter edit tweet feature
Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO at Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR), suggested that the company is considering adding a new Edit Tweet feature to its platform. Although no specific details have been provided, Dorsey has expressed his thoughts upon the implementation of such a widely requested feature. In a town hall event held at IIT Delhi, India, Dorsey hinted upon the...

Twitter Fake Accounts: Millions To Go Down Again As Twitter Combat Fake News and Spam Bots

Twitter Inc. (NASDAQ:TWTR) has stepped up in order to sharpen up its efforts to fight fake news!According to recent reports, The micro-blogging platform has been keen at waging up a fight against fake Twitter profiles and the spread of misinformation. The social media player goes on a spit and polish spree up its platform, ahead of the U.S. Midterm elections.The company...

YouTube To Promote Credible Publishers: Commits To Put $25 Million

Youtube promoting publishers
Looks like Google-owned YouTube is trying to shrug specks of censure, off its coat - It's role in spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories! The new initiative by Youtube to promote publishers that are indulged in creating and publishing credible news is a welcome move.Google has taken up new stratagems to curb the spread of conspiracy theory videos and fake...

WhatsApp Announces Rewards To Curb Violence-Inducing Fake News

The largest messaging app, WhatsApp has been taken into the task by the Indian government in the aftermath of killings across the country, which was, shockingly, sparked by fake news.WhatsApp has launched a research program in several key markets, including India, to curb the menace created by circulation of fake news, and violence-inducing content. WhatsApp announced, “unrestricted monetary awards”...

90% of Active Twitter Users Retweet Or Like ‘Fake News’ [STUDY]

fake news on Twitter
Of the many harms that affect the political, economic, and social well-being, the most out-of-line practice is that of spreading false news. Littered with fake news, how exactly social media's active users plug away at the potential fake news? According to a new study from the University of Buffalo, nearly 90% of 'active' Twitter users spread misinformation, especially during public emergencies...

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