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Email Vs Social Media: Globally 90% Of Online Users Are Subscribers [REPORT]

As Social media came into picture it was thought that Email subscription will fall and social media will take over Email but Surprisingly, when it comes to Email Vs Social media 90% of online users are subscribers followed by fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Australia's 50% population is on Facebook but still they lag behind from Brazil as...

Facebook’s Fall In User Base: Is It A threat For Social Media Giant?

Facebook Inc (FB) remains the biggest social media networking site with more than 1.11 billion users but some of its old users and teens are moving apart from Facebook. Facebook’s fall in user base is mainly due to the increasing boredom among its users and teenagers don’t find it cool anymore. Surprisingly, 20% of Australians have stopped using Facebook in...

Facebook Supports Age Discrimination !! [Study]

Facebook has definitely changed the way we interact; it is changing forms of social interaction across the world.Couple of weeks before we had reported that Facebook brings in more negative effect on mood compared to other social networking sites. But do you know that age-based discrimination pervades on Facebook? Ageism has been found to exist throughout a wide variety...

Over 250 Million Users Are Found Playing Facebook Games Each Month !!

Facebook launched its Facebook games platform in October 2007, and its journey so far is not less than any roller-coaster ride.Over the years as the company has experimented with new promotions of its Facebook games and its site redesigns.In Facebook’s 2012 Q4 earnings report the company showed that it was interested to put 30% tax on game payments in its web canvas. But...

Facebook Posts Help Users To Bring On Positive Mood !! [Study]

Facebook activities to improve mood
Facebook is a giant of all social networking sites, which has one billion plus monthly users and it is the most used social networking site in India.It is said that the usage of social networking sites and discussion forums, are reported to have decreased the sense of 'feeling alone’ for people with mental health problems.Particularly, the social networking giant...

Facebook Provides Much More Than It Consumes From You [STUDY]

Around 845 million users are connected with Facebook at the time of its S-1 filling. However, all of them have splitted verdict about Facebook advantages and disadvantages. In fact, a good number of people believe that Facebook is just a productive killer which consumes much time and efforts. But, many of them are unknown to the fact that Facebook pay them...

Top 10 Indian Cities on Facebook

Yesterday we had mentioned Facebook’s possible achievement of 1 Billion user mark by the year-end. Undoubtedly, India has significant contribution in company’s mammoth success and now stands tall at fifth place in the list of “Top countries on Facebook”. Out of 668 million Facebook users, 23.85 million users are from India alone.Interestingly, while analyzing Facebook’s India traffic, we have...

Facebook and Twitter Together Reach to 60% of U.S. Internet Users

Popularity of any web property can’t be visualized better than this way. With 133.2 million combined active users, Facebook and Twitter has surpassed the milestone of reaching more than 60% of U.S. Internet users together in 2010. Interestingly, Facebook alone has contributed 52.2% out of 60% with 116.8 million US users. Twitter has maintained the rest of share with...

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