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5G In India Will Create A $27 Billion Opportunity: Is India Well Equipped For It?

5G in India
The 5G technology is expected to disrupt the Indian market in near future. LTE was just the tipping point in the mobile internet ecosystem as the 5G connection will offer life-changing potential apart from an uber-quick internet. As the telecom companies are preparing themselves for the next wave of revolution, 5G mobile services in India are expected to create an...

The Number of 5G Subscriptions Worldwide: 1 Billion In 2023 [REPORT]

The exploded adoption of the mobile internet and growing competition in the telecom space have accelerated the adoption rate of new technologies by operators. While the LTE subscriptions still account for less than 50% of total mobile subscriptions in 2017, telecom operators have started preparing for 5G deployment.According to the latest report from Ericsson, the number of 5G subscriptions worldwide...

Mobile Data Consumption in India: 11 GB Per Active Smartphone Per Month By 2022 [REPORT]

mobile data consumption in India
The mobile data consumption in India is growing at the unprecedented rate. The tug of war between telecom providers has resulted in a massive drop in data rates. Consequently, mobile phone users are consuming a lot more data on daily basis than ever before. The availability of high-speed data connectivity is one of the primary reasons behind exploded data...

4.6 Billion Estimated VoLTE Subscriptions Worldwide By 2022; APAC to Drive The Adoption [REPORT]

VoLTE subscription APAC Europe America 2017 - 2022
We live in an era of technology defined by convenience, accessibility, and perhaps most of all - mobility. Traditional digital platforms are rapidly being outmoded by more mobile solutions in more portable packages. With the increased proliferation of modern cellular technologies and the smartphone revolution well and truly under way, we see an unprecedented shift towards mobile to satisfy...

Indian Smartphone Users Prefer Scrutinizing Price And Features, Not Brand

indian smartphone users
Analyzing the latest report by CMR (Cyber Media Research), one can decipher the lack of brand loyalty among the Indian smartphone users. The flourishing budget phone market offered implausible features at an average selling price of Rs. 10,700 ($160) as recorded in the year 2015. These economical smartphones are giving a stiff competition to the top league players like Apple,...

Global Mobile Data Traffic 2016 – 2021: Asia Pacific Heads 10x Increase

With the proliferation of smartphones in today's modern world, we find that most businesses are moving away from the website or desktop experience to a more app-centric experience. While particularly visible among big box stores that are currently undergoing a sea change from brick n mortar to a more virtual space, this is a growing trend among all sorts...

LTE Smartphones And IoT to Drive the Future of Mobile Communication [REPORT]

mobile subscriptions by region 2015 - 2021
The year 2015 had been massive for the mobile and smartphone industry. While phones themselves have not evolved as much, we have seen a definite trend towards more capable phones in the budget categories. The influx of cheap LTE-capable devices from various Chinese OEMs have changed the way people are accessing the internet. If we take a look at...

Smartphone Apps Usage Behaviour 2015: Messaging Apps Drive The Engagement [REPORT]

With the rise in the number of Smartphone users worldwide, many startups and established technology firms are busy building mobile apps with an aim to make lives better and easier. According to the Consumer Insight Summary Report - June 2015 released by Ericsson, although there are a wide range of functions and applications available out there, more than 30%...

Is Ericsson’s Demand To Micromax On Patent’s Royalty Fee Irrational? Will Micromax Give In To The Demands?

The on-going patent royalty fee dispute between Indian mobile handset major Micromax and Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson has intensified. In latest developments, Competition Commission of India (CCI) is to investigate Ericsson in regards to the charges levied on Micromax for the use of Ericsson’s patents. To do an in-depth investigation CCI has now decided to refer the case...

Mobile Broadband Subscribers To Reach 5 Billion By 2016 [Study]

Ericsson - Technology and service provider to telecom operators across the globe has predicted that by 216, there will be 5 billion mobile broadband subscribers across the world and mobile data traffic will grow 10 folds by 2016. According to the report, mobile broadband global subscription grew by 60 percent in one year and is expected to touch 900...

Sony Acquires Ericsson: Can Users Expect A Blend Of Perfection In Smartphone – Now !

Sony isn’t so idle to sit on the sixth place in battlefield of cellphones. Today, Sony has announced that company will acquire Ericsson’s 50% stake in Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication, making the mobile handset business entirely possessed subsidiary of Sony. This new initiative will allow Sony to expand its broad platform of network –connected consumer electronics products including tablets,...

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