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By 2014, Nearly 15% Of Social Media Reviews Will Be Fake! Is Social Media Marketing Losing Its Charm? [STUDY]

As the year-end is approaching closer, marketers are busy hustling around gathering reports, data points and results from various sources to plan out strategies for marketing their brands, begin their ad campaigns on a fresh note to gain the initial lead in 2014. There are many speculations and predictions according to which the strategy adoption is likely to break...

Digital Marketing In Asia 2013: 66% Businesses To Increase Their Budget In Next 12 Months [REPORT]

Digital marketing industry in Asia is blossoming; thanks for high-speed Internet penetration and emergence of local social networks across the region. Considering the growth and influence of social media in the region, 66% Asian businesses have planned to increased their spending on digital marketing over the period of next 12 months, according to the report from econsultancy and Campaign...

46% Companies Claim To Leverage Over Responsive Design To Optimize Mobile Experience [STUDY]

While Smartphones and Tablets are marking their presence, businesses are finding it difficult to satisfy the needs of constantly growing technology shift; Smartphone is poised to outpace feature phone market in 2013 as two biggest mobile giants Apple and Samsung, jointly, are expected to ship more than 583 million Smartphones in 2013. At the same time, adoption of mobile...

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