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Why iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Never Have a Dual SIM, at least in the West

dual sim on iphone 8 vs galaxy s8
When Tim Cook launches the iPhone 8 in September, he will undoubtedly name it the best phone Apple has ever made; and Samsung will say the same thing for the Galaxy S8, when it’s released on March 29 - today.But one feature that will likely be missing in both phones is the dual-SIM card slot, divulges an insider source...

Samsung Launches Star 3: The New Avatars Of Samsung Star Series Feature Phone

Samsung , a major mobile phone manufacturer recently launched the successor to their well-acclaimed Star series feature phone. Samsung Star and Star 2 had been one of the best-selling multimedia phone for Samsung  and proved to be an early milestone that Samsung achieved during its road map. Samsung launched the new models of the featured phone as Star 3...

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