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Facebook’s Aquila Drones May Soon Make The Dream of Universal Internet Connectivity A Reality

In what is a huge step forward for the ambitious Internet.org project, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recently confirmed a successful second full-scale test flight of its Aquila drone. According to the post, the aircraft flew for a total duration of 1 hour and 46 minutes on May 22, with a successful landing at the end.So what is Aquila? It is a...

Google Drones Will Make Delivery Industry Undergo A Radical Shift from 2017

Google drones
Google is set to bring another disruptive change to the way people receive products these days. According to Reuters the company will start delivering products to consumers via drones from sometime in 2017. The company is expecting to kick off its commercial delivery business in 2017 through Project Wing – the initiative to deliver packages through robot aircraft.David Vos,...

The Future Of Product Delivery: 30 Minutes Product Shipment By Drones – An Amazon Initiative!

The intense competition in the e-commerce industry has pushed leaders in that niche to use new and innovative methods of marketing, sales, delivery and customer experience. The explosive adoption of Smartphone and social media has helped marketing, sales and customer experience. While on-time product delivery, by far, remains the biggest challenge.Imagine apparels, gadgets or any other product, you just...

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